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Join me LIVE for a very special CONFIDENCE MASTERCLASS.

This SATURDAY, March 30th.

In this FREE MASTERCLASS you’ll:

  • Learn the exact process I follow to generate more confidence both for myself and my clients

  • Discover the sneaky behaviors that are keeping you stuck, and how to shift them

  • Find the motivation you need to ignite your sense of confidence and make some really amazing things happen


This powerful class will shift your mindset and activate your confidence, so that you can be ready for your next step.

Class is in session THIS Saturday, March 30 @ 2:00p ET / 1:00p CT / 11:00a PT

See you there! Xo

P.S. You can also catch up on the mini training series below.

DAY 1 

How is CONFIDENCE related to trust?

Plus, my own personal mantra that will help you begin to shift your confidence right away.



Let’s shine a light on 3 behaviors that will cause your CONFIDENCE to suffer:

  • Perfection Paralysis

  • Fear of WWTS (What Will They Say?)

  • The I'm Not Ready Yet Syndrome



Are you a lone wolf?

  • You usually try to do everything by yourself before asking for help

  • You somehow believe that your accomplishments will only be truly valid if you make them happen on your own (dig deep to check on this one)

  • You won't share your dreams or goals with anyone until they are pretty much fully baked

  • You fear external judgement and opinions so you just go it alone

Sound familiar?

This was me too... for a long time... Until I learned the power of the 'wolf pack' 🐺🐺🐺 now things have really shifted.



What's the connection between Confidence and Commitment? Watch and find out.


day 5

Are you setting yourself up for success? Or are you making things super hard??